Saturday, April 17, 2010

16th April 2010

Going through some stupid infj issues right now. Having been very settled and balanced for the few weeks, I'm now again thinnking about what next to work on (drawing obviously) - not certain if I should get into Houdini again, do more demo reel work, or learn the hdk. Or learn pyqt. Or learn AI. Or learn this. or learn that. After making a list, I can't decide what to do. No time for it all :(

Tomorrow will be at Marwell Zoo with a few acquaintances, should be good fun. Haven't shot "wildlife" since the Bavaria trip. Can't wait to use my 300/4 :D

Here's today's sketches from the british museum. I was trying to do gestures to no avail, so I decided to do some really quick gestures, then draw on top of them.

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