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23rd February 2011

Starting to look at Loomis's Figure Drawing for all its worth. I can't wait to get the re-release in May for my own paper book :)

22nd February 2011

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17th February 2011

Drawing foreshortened horses: bad idea :D

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14th February 2011

Wuff seyz: Happy Valentines to all you mushy couples :D And a happy quirkyalone day for us content singles :D

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10th February 2011

Reading up on perspective from - so I'm taking a break from drawing the skeletons to sketching my schleich critters, but this time with the aid of the skeleton practice I've done so far.

I've sadly forgotten to do a gesture prior to the start of the sketch (bad me). Will have to keep that in mind.

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7th February 2011

Blargh, I really need to spend time on heads, hands and feet. However, focus right now is still on animal anatomy.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

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3rd February 2011

Very quick, lose sketch from a photo, attempting to simplify the skeleton and work in some of that perspective mojo yeah!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

2nd February 2011

Slowly beginning to see how perspective affects the drawing. Usually I practice on small 3-4 inch miniatures, but todays is from a photograph from the National History Museum (it's a direwolf skeleton btw). As I started, I was totally confused by the perspective when I drawed in the box for proportions. Then it dawned on me, how important it truly is. It's quite difficult for me to draw with a 3 point perspective. Understanding it is one thing, drawing in it is another!

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